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Young students from the ULIS program* of the Collège Le Moulin à Vent, Cergy (95), with Charlotte EL Moussaed.

*(Localised Units for Inclusion)


In what way can we re-enact our presence in the city?
We shared the roads that we walk or drive along every day. 
Like scientists, we collected fragments of landscape, matter and territory through photography. After discovering photographic archives of Cergy and its inhabitants, we in turn decided to create images of our current time.
We staged ourselves in the city and particularly in the "quartier des 12 colonnes", a neighbourhood that is like a movie set, both familiar and distant.
The intersection of past and present was made through the cutting and pasting of these different fragments of history.


This publication was realised by young students from the ULIS program ot the Collège Le Moulin à Vent in Cergy (95): Mira ABDELLI, Kaïs BENTOT, Selma CHAMSAOUI, Idrissa LONGONDO, Léa LOROT COCHIN, Miley MASSICOT DUNOYER, Lucas NGUYEN, Sofia OUICHENE, Timothé POCHAL, Brian RAFALD, Sidi SISSOKO, Aymène YACOUBI, with artist and film director Charlotte El Moussaed, coordinator of the ULIS program Aurelia Batlle, and learning disability support worker Carole Voisenet.


Graphic design of the publication and the t-shirts: Maxisouk - Maxime Bersweiler & Soukvilay Cordier

A creation carried out as part of the "Mon Journal du Monde" program.  

Workshop led by Charlotte El Moussaed with young students from the ULIS program of the Collège Le Moulin à Vent, Cergy (95) © LE BAL/La Fabrique du Regard

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