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Grade 4 and Grade 5 students at Belliard School in Paris 18th with Normal Nedellec. 

The treehouse is this magical place, made of elements gathered along a walk, collected from one's surroundings. In this space both intimate and reassuring, the children take hold of a camera obscura turned towards the outside. This moving cabin invites contemplation of the landscape; to see without being seen. The film retraces this journey in collective creation and more broadly invites us to glimpse the stories that can be told in a cabin, those of our childhood.


Film made by Grade 4 and Grade 5 students at Belliard School in Paris 18th: Shérine BEN CHAABANE, Akram BOUZRIF, Mariame DIABY, Chaïma DIOUANE, Baghdad-Salah EDDINE HASSANI, Noha HATHROUBI, Victor LACOMBE, Anaïs-Ala Nagui LEE OTSUKI, Joseph-Marrion NLOGA MEBARA, César NUNES, Mélina REATE, Suzanne RIMATTEI, Mohamed-Rayan SALAA, Cameron SAMUEL, Boubacar SARAMBOUNOU, Khadidiatou SYLLA, with artist Normal Nedellec and teacher Marie Devigne.


Creation carried out as part of the "Culture(s) de demain" program.

"Culture(s) de demain" is a project initiated and funded by the ADAGP, implemented by LE BAL/La Fabrique du Regard and La Source.

Workshop led by Normal Nedellec with Grade 4 and Grade 5 students of Belliard School, Paris 18th. ©  Marianne Baisnée

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