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Students of Grade 10 Photography class, in conversation with some Grade 11 students in Agora and Grade 11 students in Animation from the Etienne-Jules Marey High School in Boulogne-Billancourt (92) with Léa Neuville.

We became interested in the materiality of the image following a visit to the exhibition "Renverser ses yeux. Autour de l’Arte Povera, 1960 - 1975: photographie, film, vidéo" (Reverse your eyes. Around the Arte Povera 1960 - 1975: photography, film, video) at the BAL. We literally questioned the terms "seizing" and "fixing" by revisiting the relationship with mise en abyme and staging inherent to the work of some Arte Povera artists.


And we unfolded the steps of creating a photographic image: making a print is to produce an image on paper. What other actions are possible? Folding, crumpling, tearing, writing, drawing, etc.


In a balancing act, reversing our gaze to be the camera's mirror, we created self-portraits by acting on a sheet of paper. These images were made using cyanotype, an ancient process of "fixing" an image, in order to explore all the stages of image production.


Project carried out by the students of Grade 10 Photography class at Etienne-Jules Marey High School in Boulogne-Billancourt (92): Karim ABOU-RIALAH, Lilian ARGUENON, Auriane AUGUSTO, Tyfaine BAPTISTA-PEDRO, Lily BEAUFILS, Tristan BERGER-LHOMME, Evy CARDINOT-LAXIMAN, Viviana DA SILVA AMORIM, Katleen DINIS, Evan FENDRIKOFF, Fadi GOURARI, Nicolas GROSSMANN, Aboubakar KAMARA, Sherica LEANO, Tom LEAUSTIC, Eyoub MAINGE, Mathéo MEPLOMD, Solene PAUL-LEMEUNIER, Océane SENECHAL, Emile SIMONNET, Emma SONILHAC, Jenna Eyene ATANGANA, Ilyanna CHAVET, with artist Léa Neuville, Frederique Massabuau, photography teacher, Catherine Berthelin, applied arts teacher, Gerald Ritter, literature and history-geography teacher, Elise Bellen literature and history-geography teacher, and Emmanuelle Troel, librarian.


Creation carried out as part of the "Mon Œil !" program.

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