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Students of the Barbanègre School and Recreation Center in Paris 19th with Valentine Franc.

La Fabrique du Regard experimented with a new workshop format during the summer holidays. This shorter format offers children playful and engaging initiations. The children were able to experience special effects and sound effects techniques in the style of Georges Méliès. All 40 children from the leisure center were able to discover the film made during a final screening session.


What are the origins of today's special effects in cinema? Through the creation of several skits, the children experimented with special effects and sound effects techniques, reminiscent of their early beginnings.

Workshop conducted by students of the Barbanègre School and Recreation Center in Paris 19th: Désiré AZIBOR ASEKE GODDAY, Dominion AZIBOR ASEKE GODDAY, Anzël BARNAUD, Ganethio COULIBALY, Tamba ETOUNDI ODITI, André Gino GURRIERI DUMONT, Aaronn HABANGU, Henzo KAÏ NOBUMOTO, Mariem KAWATE Chong-Hué NHOLAN, Julia PUGEAULT with the artist-videographer Valentine Franc.


Creation carried out as part of the "Regards Croisés" program.

Workshop led by Valentine Franc with the youth from Barbanègre School and Recreation Center, Paris 19th©  Madeleine Catteau

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