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Students of the Macdonald School and Recreation Center in Paris 19th with Ugo Simon.

What distinguishes documentary from fiction? How does one craft a film that claims to capture reality? Through conducting interviews with Denis, a renowned documentarian, and young cinema professionals encountered at La Fémis, we investigate, armed with cameras and microphones. This film, produced in partnership with La Fémis, enlisted the expertise of Pauline Penichout as director of photography, Denis Gheerbrand as filmmaker, Loryne Bonnefoy as sound engineer, Luisa Sendra as Head set designer, and Maxence Tesserit as editor.


Film directed by students of the Macdonald School and Recreation Center in Paris 19th K7: Mourad BLIBECH, Sarah BLIBECH, Yusra BLIBECH, Yuna CHOLOT, Aïssatou DIALLO, Eliott GRZIC, André Gino GURRIERI DUMONT, Aurore HADJARD ROMAGE, Adem KHANJARI, Iliana MANSOURI, Elias MANSOURI, Léo MIKALEFF, Anna RAISON with the artist-videographer Ugo Simon.


Creation carried out as part of the "Regards Croisés" program.

Workshop led by Ugo Simon with the youth from Macdonald School and Recreation Center, Paris 19th. ©  Matthieu Samadet and Julia Gounon

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