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Grade 9 students of Jean Mermoz Middle School at the André Malraux Media Library in Savigny-sur-Orge (91) with Raphaël Yung.

How can one's story be told through images? 

"The portrait of Claude Cahun dated 1927 was the starting point of our reflection on self-staging in the era of social networks. 

Her commitments and work, through which she thwarted stereotypes nearly 100 years ago, resonate with current topics in our society, such as the recognition of non-binary identities or the critique of gendered codes. 

Hybrid body? Androgyny? Freedom to be oneself! By exploring the image wall of the digital platform ERSILIA, we have woven connections between different eras and types: from Botticelli's Venus to Arnold Schwarzenegger's portrait, through the politically charged photographs of Zanele Muholi, we imagined a story that Claude Cahun could have shared on Instagram, #iamclaudecahun".


Digital journey created on ERSILIA by the 9th graders of Jean Mermoz Middle School at the André Malraux Media Library in Savigny-sur-Orge (91): Lidiana ALMEIDA GOMES, Mohamad AYNANI, Brithina BASKARAN, Bérat BEYAZIT, Luka BLED, Maya BOUVIER, Miléna BRAGARENCO, Anais BRAHIMI, Preethi CANESSANE, Thaere EIDO, Yahya El KASMI, Maria Gomes DE JESUS ROMERO, Mariam GUETTARI, Daniel Oluwateniola HACQUART, Aymerick KERN BACH, Natacha LOPES DA SILVA, Sourya LOUIS, Ghiles MALEK, Dorian MELANIE, Zelie MELANIE, Yasin MOHAMMED, Yahaya NIAKATE, Celisa SEMEDO DA VEIGA, Delphine TURGUT with Raphaël Yung, speaker of La Fabrique du Regard/LE BAL, Arnaud Broutin, French teacher, Juliette Lageyre, documentalist professor, Isabelle Bourhis, head of the André Malraux Media Library, Nadia Sebahi, and Jean-Paul Berger, librarians.


Digital journey created on ERSILIA as part of an image education training in partnership with the network of libraries and media libraries of the Grand Orly Seine Bièvre territorial public establishment, led by LE BAL/La Fabrique du Regard.

Workshop led by Raphaël Yung Mariano with 9th grader at Jean Mermoz Middle School at the André Malraux Media Library, Savigny-sur-Orge (91).

Directed by: Matthieu Samadet

Concept and production: Mahé de Rosière and Raphaël Yung Mariano

Production Assistant: Elisa Barrès

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