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Young people from the Paris-Ivry emergency shelter, Ivry-sur-Seine (94) with Claire Zaniolo.


How do the choices made in an image influence our perception of a person?

As we discovered the representations of anti-racism icon Angela Davis, we were introduced to the process of constructing an image. With words and gestures, we examined the frame, the pose, the light.

Then came the message: to what right do I aspire? How to express it? As apprentice photographers, models and assistants, we took turn parading against coloured backgrounds, mindful of the African-American activist’s fighting spirit of and the workshop’s joyful atmosphere. When it was time to assemble, we combined our portraits to our words as graphic designers would. Each one of us left with a powerful image, created in a collective process. 


This publication was realised by young people from the Paris-Ivry emergency shelter in Ivry-sur-Seine (94): Murtaza ALMALIKI, Heimy Vanessa CAICEDO ARROYO, Karidjatou DIOMANDE, Iqbal HASHIMI, Ishanullah JAMSHID, Françoise LUMU, Eva OULAI, Laiba SHAHID, Arouna TANGARA, with artist-photographer Claire Zaniolo, French teacher Anastasia Guillon, and school coordinator Stephane Paroux.


Graphic design: MaxiSouk - Maxime Bersweiler & Soukvilay Cordier.

A creation carried out as part of the "Mon Journal du Monde" program.  

Workshop led by Claire Zaniolo with young people from the Paris-Ivry emergency shelter, Ivry-sur-Seine (94) © Mathieu Samadet

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