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Year 9 students from the Collège Édouard Pailleron, Paris, 19th arrondissement, with Lucile Boiron.


How to transcribe the changes associated with teenage years? 

Inspired by photographer Helmar Lerski's (1871-1956) approach to lighting, we shot portraits that made use of the "unlimited possibilities of light effects" to transform faces.
By highlighting certain features of our physical appearance and concealing others, the light lets us create avatars. Thus, our bodies and faces become a theatre of metamorphoses where light generates multiple identities. Here, photography becomes a tool for exploration and emancipation, going beyond the mere expression of an individuality.


This publication was realised by year 9 students from the College Édouard Pailleron in the 19th arrondissement of Paris: Boubacar AW, Yanis BARBEAU, Yassine BENMASSAOUD, Awa CISSE, Yacouba CISSE, Jancy COULIBALY-VUNDA KIOWANI, Margot DE OLIVEIRA, Mamady DIABATE, Mariama DIABY, Waïl DJOUZI, Fatou DOUMBIA, Adèle FAVREAU, Flanie FOFANA Hilary GNAMENE, Alicia GINHAC, Yanis HACHACHE, Rayane KADDOUR, Samba KANOUTE, Assya KHALIFA, Mohamed KIKOUAH, Fatoumata KONE MALILE, Lila LESPAGNOL, Diane LIU, Louis LOPEZ, Margot MARTIN, Camélia MATMOR Inès MATMOR, Rian MEBARKI, Ionut MUSTAFA, Lili NGOMA, Louise POULLARD, Zahra RYAD, Lola VERIN-ROUQUAIROL, Rayan SAADAOUI, Lotfy SAIDANI, Mody SOUKOUNA, Fatoumata SYLLA, Eva THIBAUDIER, Marianne M'mah TOURE, Rayhan TRAORE, with artist-photographer Lucile Boiron, school teacher specialised in special needs Lilia Samali, and art teacher Marie Busson.


Graphic design: MaxiSouk - Maxime Bersweiler & Soukvilay Cordier.

A creation carried out as part of the "Mon Journal du Monde" program.  

Workshop led by Lucile Boiron with Year 9 students of the Collège Édouard Pailleron, Paris, 19th arrondissement © Matthieu Samadet

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