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Young students from the UPE2A class* of the Collège Jean Jaurès, Clichy-la-Garenne (92) with Elsa Abderhamani. 

*Pedagogical units for arriving foreign-language children


Perfect image or ideal lie? 

Every day we are bombarded with images of self-presentation, often associated with landscapes, bodies, postures, attitudes and smiles that seem to be parts of extraordinary lives. 

Do these images reflect reality or are they pure artifice? How are they constructed? What stereotypes do they convey?
We have identified the recurring components of these "perfect" representations from images collected on social networks such as Instagram: a thin, tall, smooth silhouette, often of a young white woman posing against a sunset background, with a vivid palette of colours... 

In order to better analyse and free ourselves from these characteristic elements, we have emphasised them through drawing. By experimenting with contours and flat areas, with the absence and presence of bodies, with the anonymous and the identified, we have dismantled these stereotypes.


This publication was realised by young students from the Collège Jean Jaurès (UPE2A class) in Clichy-la-Garenne (92): Olha ANDRUSIAK, Youssef BARA AALOUA, Lance BONUS, Fatouma Coulibaly, Ilaria DE IASIO, Manuella EMGBA ODZOLO, Luka GELASHVILI, Ariel GIL, Lidia GIL, Mustapha KABBA, Chérifa KHEMCHANE, Shirley LOAIZA MANJARRES, Dana MENDOZA FUENTES, Jhoan Estevan ORTIZ TORRES, Ahmed Oualid RACHAH, Ilyes TASSA, with artist Elsa Abderhamani, French as a Second Language teacher Nadjiba Kebir and teacher-documentalist Edwige Lille-Palette.


Graphic design: MaxiSouk - Maxime Bersweiler & Soukvilay Cordier.

A creation carried out as part of the "Mon Journal du Monde" program.   


Workshop led by Elsa Abderhamani with young students from the UPE2A class of the Collège Jean Jaurès, Clichy-la-Garenne (92) © Matthieu Samadet

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