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Year 11 students from the Lycée Charlotte Delbo, Dammartin-en-Goële (77), with Lucas Roxo.


To discover the entire project: visit the Instagram account Sarah_Lebal

Being young in 2021 is to grow up with social networks, to be confronted with the mediatisation of our identities and of the society in which we live. 

All throughout the project, we interrogated the notion of "self-image" on social platforms, critically reflecting on what we reveal (or don't reveal), what we leave behind as a trace and what it reflects back to us. 

By deconstructing existing digital platform codes, whether imposed by algorithms or implicitly built by "influencers", we reflected on and experimented with new ways of narrating ourselves. Collectively, we carried our voice through the creation of a new virtual identity, Sarah, reflecting our interests, tastes, values and commitments.


This Instagram account and video were realised by Year 11 students from the Lycée Charlotte Delbo in Dammartin-en-Goële (77): Léa BAHUCHET, Flavien BARBERY, Thea BERNARD, Matthieu BRULFERT, Lena BURAND-CHAMPION, Alec CANTATORE, Cassandre CELLARD, Darius COJOCARU, Juan DAVERDIN, Damien DEZERE—HELLEQUIN, Alexandre DULCET, Ilyas EL ALAMI, Camille GHIONE, Cassandra GOLITIN, Patryk GOSCO, Thurainthan GREGORY, Titouan GRIESBECK, Jonathan HOAREAU, Yann JUGEAU, Nejma KADDOUR, Emma LEBLANC, Ulrick MAZANIELLO, Pierre-Ethan PENGUE-NDZA, Chiara PINCHI, Emma RAPICAULT, Shania SEETARAM, Antoine TONDINI, Chloé VERON, with film director and journalist Lucas Roxo, teacher-documentalist Laura Martin, Literature teacher Sarah Guenadal, History-Geography teacher, Yannick Ravoajanahary and English teacher Sandrine Horvath.


Project direction: Lucas Roxo

Graphic design of the project and video editing: Grégoire Grange

Coordination and video post-production: Agathe Barré

A creation carried out as part of the "Mon Œil !" program. 

Workshop led by Lucas Roxo with Year 11 students from the Lycée Charlotte Delbo in Dammartin-en-Goële (77) © Matthieu Samadet 

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