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Year 12 students (visual art specialty) at the Lycée Guy de Maupassant, Colombes (92) with  Dorian Teti.


Using the selfie as a starting point for our analysis of the photographic gesture, we questioned the representation of oneself.

The camera-arm-face distance, induced by the selfie, implies characteristic body postures and positions which shape the images. 

Using the mirror and a staging in the high school space and its surroundings, we experimented with alternative ways of constructing self-portraits in groups, while playing with role confusion. The photographer is both the operator, the subject of the image and the actor of his or her own representation. 


A publication realised by Year 12 students from the Lycée Guy de Maupassant in Colombes (92): Ambre AIT MESGHAT, Robertha ALBERT, Aélia BADSI, Ninon BOUCHET, Amine CHAOU, Lola CHETRIT, Nina DAADOUCH, Loukiane DAUVILAIRE, Inès DJEBALI, Laura-Flore FEVIN, Zineb GUERDA, Bertrand KONGA BOKASSA Owen LE LORRE, Kaïssa PETIT FRÈRE, Pauline TANQUEREL-LOUIS, MARINE TIXERANT-TATO, Issra ZANGUIR, with artist Dorian Teti and art teacher Daniel Pilloni. 

Graphic design: whitepaperstudio - Geoffrey Saint Martin. 

A creation carried out as part of the "Mon Œil !" program. 

Workshop led by Dorian Teti with Year 12 students from the Lycée Guy de Maupassant, Colombes (92) © Madeleine Catteau

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