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La Fabrique du Regard, Le BAL's pedagogical branch, trains young people in and through the image. As they become actors of their own vision, they develop an awareness of the world around them and of their own ability to engage with it. Since its creation in 2008, La Fabrique du Regard has been working in depth with young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, in prioritised education networks and in areas isolated from cultural and artistic facilities.


Since 2008, 24,000 young people, 1,320 teachers, 550 artists and actors from the educational and cultural communities in some 275 neighbourhoods, from primary to high school, or within social structures, have been experimenting with different points of view, sharpening their eye on formal image approaches, exploring the different stages of production, exhibition and audience reception, and taking part in a collective creative project along with invited artists.


The work produced collectively by the young people and the invited artists as part of the Regards croisés, Mon journal du monde, Mon Œil !, Culture(s) de Demain and Que faire ? programmes is presented every year, in a public exhibition at Le BAL or in a dedicated space. An opportunity for young people from the different programmes to discover the activities carried out by La Fabrique du Regard as a whole and to reflect on their experience.

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