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Year 11 students from the Lycée Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Sarcelles (95), with Andrés Goldberg and Jan Vysocky

Year 11 students from the Lycée Gaspard Monge, Savigny-sur-Orge (91), with Mariannick Bellot.


As an extension of the workshops conducted with ERSILIA, the young people exercised their critical thinking skills to examine the significance of stereotypes in our society. 

What are the most prevalent stereotypes? Through what type of images are they spread? How can the analysis of images allow us to better understand and counteract them? 


Sound creations realised by Year 11 students from the Lycée Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Sarcelles (95): Safwan ABDOULRADJAKOU, Sofia ABOUDALCABOUROU, Mario ALSHABO, Mamadou BAGAYOKO, Ciara BAPTISTA MONTEIRO, Sana BARKALLAH, Yasmine BELKACEM, Chérif BEN HAMMED, Malory BESHAY, Anjely BHIST, Teeya BIABIANY Hawa DIABY, Fatoumata DJIGUINE, Rachelle DORLUS, Hawa DRAMMEH, Wissal EL JABRI, Dana Ange ETONGUE NTONE, Lucile GUILLOT, Tyler JOSEPH, Mohamed KACUMI, Théo KANCEL, Maryam LABIDI-ABDELMALEK Célia MBIYAVANGA KUMBU, Christophe OSEI AGYEMANG, Rousny PIERRE LOUIS, Lycia RAMDANE, Daniela RAPHAEL MATTI, Stephane SALDA, Syana SERBAN, Weena SSOSSE, Wassim TALHA, Qasim TARIQ, Safia YARA, Kylian YUTH with sound designer Jan Vysocky, lecturer of La Fabrique du Regard/Le BAL Andrés Goldberg and History-geography/EMC (Moral and Civic Education) teacher Jeanne Courbassier. 


Year 11 students from the Lycée Gaspard Monge in Savigny-sur-Orge (91): Sarah AFKIR, Yassin AMARI, Antoine ARGIOLAS, Mounir BELKACEM-IZALA, Eric BORDES, Anna CARON, Dany CERTAL-GONCALVES, Juan CHARRY HERRERA, Djane CIVIL, Moussa DIAWARA, Maoudée DIOUVARA, Lina EDDIB, Hamidou GANDEGA, Marina HAAS, Eero JALAVA, Cynthia JEAN-BAPTISTE, Mike JOCKTANE, Madassa KANTE, Wendy KATENDE-YAMWEMBO, Sira KEITA, Alicia KHABER LAGRAVERE, Jacira LEAL GOMES, Océane MATEUS, Faïz MENGUELTI, Shanice N'DA, Valérie NGELEZO-LUTALA, Aymen OULALITE KHALLOUFI, Joana POMPOSO MARTINS, Lukas PREDA, Léonis ROUSSEL-ALLAIRE, Taïbou SOW, Badyss YAKOUBI, Nohayla ZERDEB, Benie ZUINGA MANDENGO LEMA, with director and sound designer Mariannick Bellot and literature teacher Bérénice Cappe. 


Original images: ERSILIA, digital platform for image education.

Image editing: Madeleine Catteau 

These creations were carried out as part of the "Mon Œil !" program. 

Workshop led by Mariannick Bellot with Year 11 students from the Lycée Gaspard Monge, Savigny-sur-Orge (91) © Madeleine Catteau 

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